All year round Madeira drowns in a flower paradise surprising with its exuberance in color, form and scent! On this evergreen island flourishes an unending floral variety: beside the autochthon flora it reunites species from all over the world, imported along the centuries by sailors and settlers. Several Public Gardens assemble many lovely plants that prosper in Madeira’s propitious greenhouse ambience. The park of the “Museu das Cruzes”, for instance, dediates special attention to the marvelous orchid.

Countless varieties offer an unforgettable spectacle: extravagant blossoms dazzle with their ornamental elegance. Their exotic forms rival in beauty with their generous brilliance and countless different shades of colour. With distant origins in Brazil, the orchid adapted excellently to the island’s natural environment. Formerly growing wild, now cultivated, the famous orchid excels with its majesty among Madeira’s exuberant flora.

But many other species are equally lovely. The exquisite flesh coloured Flamingo Flower (antúrio) can be admired during the hottest months, while the strange Bird of Paradise (strelitzia reginae) never stops blooming orange.

During April’s flower festival exhibitions and rich parades show the very best: extravagant sorts blend with plain ones, a dazzling show not to miss. These lovely ambassadors of the island are for sale in shops, street stalls and Funchal’s colourfull marketplace. Packed by an expert their blossoms will remain beautiful for several weeks and in some gardens you may choose them whilst still growing, certifying thus personally that they’re fresh and perfect.

Take home an original souvenir: a bunch of flowers!