Three small islands located southeast of Madeira Island with catch the attention of anyone that arrives to Madeira by plane. They are Ilhéu chão, Deserta Grande and Bugio. Natural Reserve since 1995, an area for the protection and conservation of the Monk Seal (Lobo Marinho), it also serves the purpose to protect and perservate the unique fauna and flora of several rare endemic species.

Ilhéu Chão is the smallest of the three islands. With the shape of a planat with an almost constant altitude of 80 meters, reaching a maximum height of 98 meters in it’s north edge, where a lighthouse can be found. At north, you can find a small islet with 50 meters of height called Farilhão. It has aproximately 1600 meters lenght and 500 meters wide.

Deserta Grande is long shaped and it is the biggest and tallest of the 3 islands. With an extension of 11700 meters from Ponta da Castanheira at north to Ponta do Tabaqueiro at south, with a maximum width of 1900 meters. It has the maximum height of 479 meters. Along its sea coast you can find several caves digged into the rock, small beaches and some strips of land. The biggest strips are Fajã Grande and Fajã da Doca, both are the result of several land slides occured in 1984.

Bugio is long and narrow with the shape of an arc. It’s the most rock and edge cut of them all. With a total lenght of 7500 meters and a maximum height of 388 meters.

These days and Natural Reserve of Desertas Islands are in the route of the main touristic operators from Madeira, certain that this afimration of quality and uniqueness will generate new opportunities with the increase of the demand.