For an optimal cetacean observation, we kindly ask for your silence during the approach and sighting. We will also reduce the vessel speed and turn on the radio. Our Cetacean sighting is made according to the Regional Legislative Decree (15/2013/M), which defines the activity of marine vertebrates observation in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Do not throw any kind of food to the Cetaceans, Birds or Turtles. They are wild animals and are accustomed to finding their own food. These actions can harm them and encourage them to lose the ability to search for food.

Please, separate your garbage, using the designated containers. Our company is focused in reducing its waste production, by reusing as much as possible and separating garbage.

Whenever we have optimal conditions, time and safety, we hoist the sails with the purpose of providing a unique experience without the engine noise, and, at the same time reduce our carbon emissions.

Protect your health and take no chances (respect the digestion period after your meals, respect the crew security information and their recommendations and use solar protector or sun hat. After long periods of solar exposure avoid entering the water suddenly).

Pay special care to your children. For your comfort, we provide life vests for both adults and children, either for use during the trip or whenever there’s a stop for swimming.

While using our bathrooms, save water and let us know if you detect a leak. Unlike in our own homes, water on board is limited, being the most precious asset while we’re a couple of miles from shore. Don’t throw papers or other objects into the toilet. It can clog, conditioning the use of the bathroom.